Genomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics and Immune database

Cytomegalovirus Database


Cytomegalovirus is one of the largest member of Herpesvirus Family. CMV infections are of great health concern and needs further exploration in immunologic response mechanisms during primary and reactivated CMV infection. Furthermore, better diagnostic methods and optimal strategies for preventing and treating CMV disease are also needed. In this work, we evaluated the whole genome and proteome of different CMV species. The developed database is an integrated open-access platform, CytomegalovirusDb (a genomic, proteomic, immune and therapeutic database). Mainly, we identified potential antigenicity, allergenicity, T and B Cell epitopes (vaccine candidates), potential siRNA’s, and mature MiRNA’s. The resource is divided into the key sections “Genomics,” “Proteomics,” “Immune response,” and “Therapeutics”. The database is annotated with the list of all CMV species included in the study. Various parameters used in the analysis for each section are primarily based on the whole genome or proteome of each specie. The platform provided datasets are open to access for researchers to obtain CMV specie specific information. Researchers are welcomed to explore various information about CMV-specific immune responses and therapeutics. The datasets are downloadable with potential utility in developing improved drug designing strategies against CMV. In general, this platform is a useful resource to aid in advancing research against Cytomegaloviruses.